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Fish Eye Guy

Like many of us, my first forays into wilderness were for recreational purposes.  In time, I formed a deep understanding and connection to these places.  I came to understand that our very survival rely on these wild lands and their natural processes working unharrased by the long reach of man.  The atmosphere, water cycle, and planetary ecosystem is under severe strain.  Nature is resilient, but if the pressures of unregulated growth continue unabated, these natural processes will break down, leaving our children a barely habitable planet.  Our collective conscience has awoken to this reality and I am optimistic that we are in the midst of a great leap forward.

To this end, my camera has become a powerful tool to tell the story of these wild places and the wondrous creatures that inhabit them.  The images I capture are visual stories, my effort to promote conservation and environmental justice issues that face our ever changing planet.  What began as me taking cool pictures of pretty fish inexorably has led me down a path to becoming an advocate for clean water and healthy ecosystems.

Individually and collectively, this is the fight of the 21st century.  Embrace the challenge and know that what we are fighting for is our own survival.  It is worth it.  The journey will take you to wondrous places, introduce you to passionate and inspiring people, the haze lifts and the sunrise seems that much more colorful.  Inaction is no longer an option.